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The Olympus ESG-100 HF electrosurgical generator offers an easy-to-use and safe generator, incorporating advanced technology for outstanding performance. Combined with a peristaltic pump, it provides consistent performance in varying tissue structures with output powers that are as low as possible.

The new Olympus high-frequency (HF) electrosurgical generator - ESG-100 - incorporates advanced technical features that provide excellent effectiveness and highest safety in cutting and coagulation during endoscopic procedures. An easy-to-use interface and an intuitive selection of output modes, with the additional foot pedal button, are clear advantages of the ESG-100. The ergonomic, compact design makes it user-friendly, and the system fits well in all standard Olympus trolleys and carts.

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Compact and easy-to-use HF generator

The ESG-100 is compact and easy-to-use, making it suitable to support all electrosurgical procedures in flexible endoscopy.

Monopolar and bipolar cutting applications

A variety of monopolar and bipolar modes for cutting, ablation and coagulation support all electrosurgery procedures.

Various modes

The 14 monopolar/bipolar modes allow users full flexibility to adapt cutting and coagulation performance, dependent upon the tissue characteristics and the area being treated.

High Power Cut Support (HPCS)

Olympus’ Rapid Spark TechnologyTM features High Power Cut Support (HPCS) to achieve immediate spark ignition. It enables cutting without initial delays for a high cutting performance.

Fast Spark Monitor (FSM)

FSM technology optimises cutting procedures. It measures the spark intensity in intervals of a few milliseconds when cutting tissue, allowing reduced leakage currents, reproducible tissue effects and enhanced protection of EndoTherapy instruments.

Leakage Protection Sensor (LPS)

This feature permanently measures the leakage current to earth and automatically controls the high frequency leakage current through the patient, offering the highest safety to the user and reducing the risk of unintended current to the patient.

Contact Quality Monitor (CQM) for maximal safety

CQM analyses and continuously displays the contact resistance of the neutral electrode (split type), ensuring a safe application and minimising the risk of thermal injuries to the patient.

Variety of HF functions for versatile use

The variety of HF functions include monopolar cutting, monopolar coagulation, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation and RFITT (Radio Frequency Induced Thermo Therapy) enabling numerous procedures to be performed using the unit.

Automated power setting in cutting modes for safety

Based on the Fast Spark Monitor (FSM) technology, no manual output power setting is necessary. This ensures maximal safety to the patient, allowing endoscopists to focus on the procedure with optimised settings.

Coagulation modes to meet your needs

Versatile Coagulation TechnologyTM enables fast, effective desiccation and soft/deep tissue coagulation for controlled hemostasis and effective coagulation of larger tissue volumes with end-of-procedure detection/acoustic feedback.

Works with the AFU-100 for ease-of-use

The Olympus ESG-100 has been designed to work together with the new peristaltic pump, AFU-100. The foot pedal of the generator can also be used to activate the pump.

High frequency 330 - 380 kHz
Type, protection class CF, Class I
Power supply 220–240 V (WB991036), 100–120 V (WB991046), 50/60Hz, 400 VA
Size (W x D x H) 295 x 375 x 115mm
Weight, without footswitch 6.5 kg
Monopolar output
Sockets Ø 6 mm A-cord
Single/split neutral electrode 10 mm 2-pins
Cut 1/2/3 120W @ 500 Ohms
PulseCut slow/fast 120W @ 500 Ohms
SoftCoag 120W @ 100 Ohms
ForcedCoag 1 50 W @ 500 Ohms
ForcedCoag 2 120W @ 500 Ohms
Bipolar output
Sockets 28.8mm 2-pins and ∅ 4/8 mm coaxial
Cut 1/2/3 120W @ 500 Ohms
SoftCoag 120W @ 100 Ohms
RFCoag incl. RCAP 40 W @ 100 Ohms

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